Ten Top Tips for Saving on Your Shopping


The price of everyday items just keeps going up. Food, clothing, cleaning products, and other household items just seem to be getting more and more expensive. There are some ways to save money of thee items. These tips will help a person save money on the things that they use every day.

  1. Check the Ads

Grocery stores put out circulars in print and online. They will show the items that are for sale that week. Plan the meals for the weed around the ads. They will help a person plan their meals and spend less money. They can also get a variety from week to week depending what is on sale.

2. Buy in Bulk When Possible

Common items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and even household cleaners should be bought in bulk when possible. While the initial price may be a little higher a person s actually paying less money per each item. They will also last for a long period of time and will need to be purchased less frequently.

 3. Buy Clothing Off Season

At the end of the season stores will greatly reduce the price for clothing. In the spring winter items can be reduced as much as 80 percent off of retail prices. The best time to purchase winter clothing including coats is in the spring. The best time for spring and summer clothing purchases including bathing suits is in the fall and winter. All a person has to do is store this clothing and can get their look for much less money.

4. Be Wary of 10 for 10 Sales

There are times when a grocery store will have great sales. They will advertise that a person can purchase 10 items for $10. This deal is not as good as it seems. A person is not getting a deal when these items usually cost $.89 to begin with. Be sure to know the prices before falling for this deal.

 5. Shop Generic

Many stores have name brand items then they have generic brand items. People think that the name brand is the better quality. Try the generic brand. These brands are much cheaper and are often as good the more expensive name brands. Name brands are often not made with higher quality products. They are more expensive because a person is paying for advertising. If a person compare the ingredients between the name brand and the store brand in most cases they will be the same. This is true with food, cleaning products, and even medicine.

6. Pack a Lunch

Many people purchase lunch while they are at work. Children purchase lunch at school. Buying lunch every week can get to be very expensive. Instead of purchasing lunch, pack a lunch from home. Leftovers make a great lunch. Sandwiches are easy to prepare and are inexpensive. A person will be able to save money each week just by making this switch.

7. Combine Coupons and Offers

To get items including food, cleaning supplies, detergents, and other common everything things at the lower price combine coupons with store flyers. This can lead to additional savings. Wait until something goes on sale and then use the coupon. Do not purchase something that is not needed just because there is a coupon available.

8. Buy Generic Clothing

Many people layer their clothing especially in the winter months. It is not uncommon to wear a t-shirt or tank top under and another shirt. Instead of buying brand names buy generic brands for under shirts. No one is going to see them so this is a great way to save money.

9. Take the Surveys

Many stores have a link or a phone number at the bottom asking customers to take a survey. This survey is feedback about the appearance of the store, customer services, and other related topics. When a person takes this survey they are given a coupon code to use at their next shopping trip. This code can be anything from five percent off to twenty percent off. It is worth the five minutes that it takes to complete the survey to save some money.

10. Mail in Rebates

Many people do not use the mail in rebate form when it is offered on a product. Companies know that this is too much work for people and that is why they offer it. It is worth the cost of a stamp to save a couple of dollars.

These are some tips to help a person save money on everyday purchase. Food , clothing, and household items can cost a lot of money. If a person follows these tips they can spend less money while still getting the things they need for their family.