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Shop Smart With Discount Coupons

shop smart with discount coupons

Grocery shopping, what a phrase. The mere sound of it strikes fear into the hearts of people everywhere. It used to not be like that. Going to the grocery store used to be a fun and enjoyable experience for moms, dads, and children. Those were the days of cheaper prices. Those days are over, at least for now. Many of us really have to look for sales, and make a huge budget plan for even food alone, much less things that are needed to clean the house and wear around. Saving money is tough in today’s society, but it is absolutely needed.

Fear not though! I am here to tell you it is completely possible! My wife and I have been doing it for three years, and she learned it from her dad, and I learned it from my family. That is why I am writing this article, because I know the stress that shopping can cause. I do not want others to have to stress like that constantly as they shop. So here are the top five tips I can give on saving money while shopping.

Tip 1-Check the Papers

The best thing to do is to check you local papers and see what deals are going on. This will save you time and gas in the vehicle. Most grocery stores send them out in the mail weekly. However, another quick and easy way to get the papers is online.

Tip 2-Check the App store

Many stores, in today’s time, have apps where they put in coupons and deals for different kinds of foods and other products. Some┬áhave deals where if you spend so much money, you get money off your next purchase. I really like these apps because they hold coupons on them so I do not have to carry paper coupons everywhere. They are also very convenient, as I carry my cell phone around everywhere I go. So even when I randomly decide to go to the store, I can put up the deals and coupons the store has to offer.

Tip 3-Ibotta helps a lot

i just recently found out about this app. Since I have downloaded it last month, I have gotten 12.35 back from shopping like I normally do. What I do not do, though, is look for what products they have on the app before I shop. I buy what I normally buy, and if it is on the app than great, and if not, well no harm no foul.

Tip 4-Sometimes, cheaper is better

I know that a lot of times the more expensive brand, at the very least, seems to be better. But is it really? I suggest looking at what the two brands consist of. Recently, when buying baby formula for my little one, I was looking at the nutritional value of a brand that is more expensive, and a cheaper brand, Much to my surprise, the cheaper brand had about the same nutritional values as the more expensive brand. In this case, it even had a little more protein! Needless to say I got the cheaper brand and my daughter cannot even tell the difference.

Tip 5-If all else fails, get paper coupons!

I hate carrying paper coupons around, but there are times when I absolutely have to. Sometimes the only way to get a deal is through paper coupons. Sometimes you can find these in magazines, but one of the best places to look is online. Just look up online coupon prints. You can print them off and take them to the store with you. You can find coupons on nearly everything like this.

Conclusion-Do not give up!

Looking for deals can be hard. It can be time consuming, and at times it is very tiresome. I will say from experience though, do not give up! If you give up you are going to spend more money than you need to spend. It is not worth it. Find time to look for those deals and coupons. There is always time throughout the day, even if it is just five minutes. So good luck and happen huntings!